Wednesday, May 19, 2010



這教我想起前英國首相HAROLD WILSON在其回憶錄裏,對自己帶領在野工黨贏得大選後的描寫。以下是一些節錄:

As soon as the figure of 316 seats are reached, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, who until then had rightly refused to concede defeat, asked for an Audience of the Queen and tendered the resignation of his Government. I was told to stand by. A Palace car would be sent for me.

No. 10, imperturbable as ever, had made all the necessary arrangements for a change of Government. Herbert Bowden, our Chief Whip in Opposition, had been told the previous evening, before polling ended, what I must do......

On arrival at the Palace, I was conducted to the Queen's private apartment. She simply asked me if I could form an Administration. Exactly a year earlier, Sir Alec Douglas-Home......had answered the same question......

I then left for No. 10 in the official car......After saying a few words to press and television reporters on the steps of No. 10, I went along that long corridor from the front door to the Cabinet Room......I was greeted as Prime Minister by Sir Alec Douglas-Home's private secretary, as I still regarded him. Sir Alec, meanwhile, had disappeared through the back door quietly.



“Gordon Brown gave a valedictory address in Downing Street of genuine grace and generosity that was returned in kind by Mr Cameron. The passing of power in a democracy is a strangely beautiful thing, a reminder that, for all its anxieties, this is a civilised nation, one that, in the words of the Prime Minister, may yet have its best days ahead of it.

…It is the way things are in this country and there are moments when we should pause and be thankful for that.”

How long will we need to wait so that the people in China can say the same? Not in next decades. Unfortunately.



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