Tuesday, May 12, 2009

眾所週知﹐我迷《LITTLE BRITAIN》迷得有點嚇人。


CARAL SUE是我喜歡的一個角色。因為她就活在英國﹑愛爾蘭的每一個角落裡頭。這是其中一幕我以為是經典的。

去年的時候﹐我曾把這一幕翻譯作中文﹐在這個跟人共享的天地裡刊登。想不到﹐我竟然在YOUTUBE裡找得到這個原裝版本。為免讓那些笑料LOST IN TRANSLATION﹐我當然決定立即在此把這個YOUTUBE連結貼上來﹐好讓大家一起嘻嘻笑笑。況且﹐那天﹐為了遷就中文關係﹐我的而且確對這一幕做了一點修改。

既然找得到這一幕﹐我便繼續在YOUTUBE裡找尋其餘《LITTLE BRITAIN》的連結。





微豆 Haricot said...

I must say I have not heard of this show here. Perhaps it is more British than Canadian.

BTW, I have posted my article "Hero" on my blog. Please see the summary and other info I left on your May 1 post.

Ciao !!

The Man Who Loves Everton said...


I'm not surprised. Though speaking in the same language, there is a cultural difference between North America and the UK. And it is difficult for this kind of comedy to gain its popularity in North America. Having said that, I'd like to recommend this to you. It is hilarious.

O thanks for your posting. Haven't read yours yet. But from the extracts, appears an interesting story. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

如今人在英国,当然也看过little britain 了,真是好笑到极,美国版差些!
我喜欢的有“Computer says No” ,“Hello Martin, this is Linda”...简直肚痛!

小巫 said...

ar...forgot to ask you to read 'Douglas Adams' books. or watch a film/ tv show called " the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' also very funny!

The Man Who Loves Everton said...


True. One will only fully find Little Britain super funny and super interesting when one has lived in the Uk for a while.

I think you forgot to mention "I'm the only gay in the village" when you talked about your favourite characters in Little Britain, didn't you?

The Man Who Loves Everton said...


Thanks for your recommendation. I don't know neither of them. (Okie i heard of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy but i don't know it's funny.) Thanks. I'll have a try.