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Snowdrops said...

Exactly. This is the so-called "whataboutery" evasion tactic employed by CCP apologists whenever criticisms against the CCP government arise. When there is absolutely no defense left to obfuscate the fact that the CCP has perpetrated crimes against Chinese people, these w*nkers would bleat "But what about the US/UK?", usually with reference to the Iraq war. (Of course, the fact that they picked the easy strawman of the increasingly illiberal Anglo-Saxon regimes as a counterpoint to the CCP, rather than progressive social democratic governments in European countries, point to their moral cowardice also).

They miserably failed to understand that other governments' crimes and misdemeanours in NO WAY justify the Chinese government's crimes against its own people. Yet these people curiously proclaim that they are being "patriotic", even when it's clearly been shown that it's us Chinese people who are being mistreated by the CCP government. This psychotic mentality is a direct result of the brainwashing by the CCP such that one become to equate any criticism against the regime as a criticism against the country, in much the same way that Bush and co brainwashed the red-necks when he branded his own countrymen against his policies as those who are anti-American.

The sad thing is that the CCP apologists have upped their game and are even spouting these kind of nonsensical "arguments" in Western forums. Last June, around the time of the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, I had the misfortunte to engage with precisely these kind of idiots online. Fact is, they could bluster and bully all they want, but they could not hide the fact that anyone with half a brain could see through their shameless evasions.

The Man Who Loves Everton said...


Thanks for sharing your experience in a forum.

Yes, it is very annoying when hear someone using that to justify something which is not acceptable to a normal decent man. I always wonder why can't China set an good example to others.

Patriot? What is patriot? In mainland china the one and only one legal political partys is always bigger than country. One has to love the party before one loves one's country. It is sad to see this happening in our country.

Brain-washing? Perhaps.