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It was the best performance of his time at the club, he said. So good was the display that there was not more he could have asked of his team. These were not the words of David Moyes, basking in the glow of a derby victory so emphatic that it left the Scot wearing a grin from ear to ear. They were spoken by Roy Hodgson. Denial can be rarely have sounded so delusional.

讀下去,你會發現,原來輕易贏得球賽的愛華頓領隊DAVID MOYES并不是很滿意球隊的表現,這就讓這段文章開首更加精彩。假如要挑剔,我想,應該可以刪掉段落最後那一句。這個結論,應該由讀者來下。尤其,基本上任何一個讀者——擁護愛華頓的、或者支持利物浦的——都會有同一個結論:Denial can be rarely have sounded so delusional。


(一)Moyes may have identified the flaws and on the evidence of yesterday they are numerous, but it was up to those whom he selected from a squad once again affected by injury to exploit them. They thrived on the responsibility to such an extent that the Everton manager's subsequent claim that his team had not even needed to be at their best said as much about their opponents as it did about them.

(二)Seamus Coleman, a GBP60,000 signing from Sligo Rovers, first shrugged aside GBP5 million Lucas Leiva before rounding GBP4 million Paul Konchesky and providing Tim Cahill, a GBP2 million bargain, with a shooting opportunity that he gleefully accepted.



There was nothing unfortunate about Liverpool's latest defeat and Hodgson's dream of being the manager who guides the club to No. 19 has been fulfilled, but not in the way he intended. It is nineteenth position in the Barclays Premier League that he has taken them to, not that much-cherished league title of the same number, and the brave face he is putting on does not mask the predicament that even he accepts they are in.



ryan said...

平心而論, 這隊利物蒲是我這二十多年來看打吡最差的一隊, 攻不銳, 守不穩。當70 多分鐘換下 arty 時我還有點擔心, 想不到在我們放棄了中場後, 他們還可以表現得這麼不濟。我想他們的新美國班主知道自已選對了城市, 但選錯了顏色。Anyway, 希望我們受傷的球員沒有大礙。

The Man Who Loves Everton said...


It's worrying. The injury list is getting longer and longer. Hope we can cope with it this time.