Saturday, February 20, 2010



This is the beginning of an empire.


Ryan said...

離題~~ 但係看完球賽實在太興奮了~~

The Man Who Loves Everton said...


This is what i meant.

Sir Alex admitted that Man Utd were well beaten. This is a phrase he has almost never had to utter since the Premier League’s formation in 1992-93.

I'm so proud of the boys. A fantastic one-two. Tamed Chelsea and Man Utd in a space of 10 days.

I wish this season won't end soon so that we can have sufficient time to complete the catch up.

ryan said...

今場比賽我們也有聚會, 感覺十分好,當rodwell 把比數改寫成3:1 時, 佔小數的我們在酒吧中成為焦點。

billy 的那個入球真的很精彩, 我想這球該是球賽的轉捩點, neville 包了rooney 的空門, ossie 打中場中打出近期的佳作, 這場跟cheski 的那場似乎成了我們今季的代表作, 賽後我們也討論季尾也要花點錢買下season review。

The Man Who Loves Everton said...


True. The equaliser is the turning point. It's the response that we needed most. People said Man Utd were tired. Obviously they forgot that Everton played in Europa League on the same night when Man Utd visited San Siro. It's David Moyes who out-thought Sir Alex this time.

I do smell it's the dawn of a great empire of Everton. If not this season (because not enough time to undo all the hurt we had made for ourselves earlier), it will be next.