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那是篇關於英國足球國家隊領隊FABIO CAPELLO的文章。作者是SAM MUNNERY。

早陣子,卡比路跟傳媒揚言道,他只需要懂得100個英文字,便可以帶領英國國家隊。於是,SAM MUNNERY便立即猜猜究竟是那一百個英文字。那篇文章是如此:

Fabio Capello says that he needs only 100 words to do the job as England manager, which may explain why the team’s lack of fluency is comparable only to that of his English.

We have already had a stab at guessing which 100 words he has needed to learn to make a stab at the job – you’ll be unsurprised to discover that WAGs, prostitutes, air and pistol all make the cut – but now we want to know what you think is the required lexicon for an England manager.

Clearly, when coaching a team of such luminaries as Wayne Rooney and John Terry, you may feel that 100 words is 75 too many. “Launch it” and “concentrate” should cover tactics, “taking the positives” and “learning from mistakes” will do for press conferences, while “behave yourself”, “no nightclubs”, and “actually, just don’t go out” might be the best advice for off-field activities. And for issues of captaincy, he could need “phone call”, “common courtesy” and “very sorry, Rio”.

That might address the basic issues - but it’s hardly our place to tell the England manager the key words to help him do his job.

No doubt you will have a few ideas of your own. What vocabulary do you feel Capello needs in his locker if he is to make his life easier at the helm of the national side? Could you even deliver tonight’s team talk in just 100 words?

Tell us what you would say to Gareth Barry, Andy Carroll and Co before you send them out to meet Ghana at Wembley. And maybe give Rio a quick call, if you like.


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